Sightseeing in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, which means “New Flower” in Amharic, is an intriguingly indigenous African city. Unlike many other African capitals, it’s founding, growth and development, are not rooted in colonization. Founded in 1887 by Emperor Menelik II, This big, sprawling, hospitable city is 7,200-feet high in the foothills ofMountEntotoand the panoramic view from the peak is spectacular.

Addis Ababais a mix of the past and the present, sheep, cows and goats walking down the road, framed by skyscrapers in the background, the city and the small-town feel, the modern apartment buildings and the small houses with zinc roofs.

If you happen to be inAddis Ababafor some reason and have some leisure time; need no worry what to do, here is some information about activities inAddis Ababaand surroundings that are worth spending your time with. There are many interesting places to see inAddis Ababaand in the surrounding ofAddis Ababa.

Places to see in Addis Ababa include:

National Museum: one of the most important sub- Saharan museums in all ofAfrica. The museum is home to the fossilized humanoid Lucy, as well as an amazing collection of artifacts, royal items and art.

Ethnographic Museum: which was the formerpalace ofHaile Selassie and its collection, reflects the life styles of different ethnic groups ofEthiopia? In addition; it hosts Ethiopian art and traditional music instruments.

Trinity Cathedral: famous for its stained glass paintings and its grandeur architecture. It is where Hailesilassie’s tomb is found.

St’ George Church: built in 1896 by Emperor Menelik II after the victory over the Italian colonizer. The inside wall is occupied with religious and historical motivated paintings made by World famous Ethiopian artist Afework Tekle. The museum in the church houses spiritual items and royal relics.

Mercato: the largest open air market inAfrica.

Entoto Mountain: 9843ft high and where the city was founded at first. The panoramic view from the peak is spectacular.

Places for Excursion near Addis Ababa include:

  • Tiya Stele and Adadi Mariam Rock Hewn Church (6-7 hours)
  • Wanchi Crater Lake, Addis Alem Church, Guder Falls, Woliso hot spring spa (10 hours)
  • Blue Nile Gorge and Debre Libanos Monastery (10 hours)
  • Ziquala Mountain and Crater Lakes ( 7 – 8 hours)

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