Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony

Traditional Coffee Ceremony
The traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony is one of the best ways to feel and experience Ethiopian hospitality. Coffee is not only an important economical factor for Ethiopia; it is its heart and soul. In western Ethiopia, Coffee was first discovered and introduced to the world.
According to the legend, the young goat shepherd Kaldi was the first one to discover the stimulating effect of the beans, as his goats started to become very active after chewing from a coffee tree.
The original coffee tree is said to be found in the Kaffa Region near Jimma. From this region, coffee was brought to the monks, as they appreciated the stimulating effect which gave them the strength to stay awake and pray all night. By slave trade caravans, the Coffee was brought to the East of Ethiopia, in the Harar region, by the time one of the major trade centers of the Arab world.
From there, it spread fast across the Arab and Muslim world and by its powerful trading route to Europe and Asia.
Today, coffee is one of the main drinks in the world, and it still has the taste of its birth place Ethiopia.

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